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Damien Simonneau, Postdoc researcher

" The pandemic is questioning the evolution of multilateralism with an a priori return of States as first line manager. However, paradoxically the need for a coordinated approach both at the global (UN) and European levels appears crucial. We monitor multilateral regulations in border management and control of mobility during and after the pandemic. "
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Dan Lecocq, Maître de conférences

" Aim: To describe and understand the consequences of the pandemy in a french-speaking teaching hospital a) on the nursing care b) on the nurse-patient interaction. Methods : qualitative research "
Funding: None
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Daniel Desmecht, Professor - Mutien Garigliany, Professor

FARAH - ULiège 
" We are describing the evolution of the respiratory function after infection using whole-body plethysmography in a hamster model of SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia. Although the tropism of the virus for the upper respiratory tract is well documented, little is known about the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in the impairment of the respiratory function and the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in some patients. There is a critical need for the development of noninvasive evaluation tools of the respiratory function over the disease course in order to develop therapeutic strategies aiming at specifically improving this function. Plethysmography is a noninvasive method allowing the quantitative evaluation of the lung volume and function. The selected plethysmographic parameters will allow a noninvasive monitoring of the lung function and lesions in the hamster model, permitting the screening of therapeutic molecules aiming at alleviating the...

Daniel Desmecht, Professor - Mutien Garigliany, Professor

FARAH - ULiège 
" We recently showed that domestic cats can be spontaneously infected by SARS-CoV-2 and develop transient, yet severe, pneumonia. Similar reports in other countries confirmed the susceptibility of cats, ferrets, lions and tigers to the infection. Dogs can get infected but, apparenlty, subclinically. Beside the importance of these findings for veterinarians and animal health, a series of domestic or wild animal species might constitute a reservoir of SARS-CoV-2 and dramatically complicate the "uncontainment" process. Domestic cats, minks, ferrets, hamsters, dogs, tigers and lions were all shown to be naturally or (for some species) experimentally susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection. In addition, cats, minks, ferrets and hamsters were shown to be able to efficiently transmit the virus to in-contact animals. Little is known about the actual host range of the virus. It is critically needed to determine which domestic, peri-domestic (especially rodents) and wild animals can...

David Alsteens, FNRS Research Associate

UCLouvain - FNRS
" We developed protocols to measure the interaction between single virus and living cells and monitor the effect of blocking molecule interfering with the virus binding. "
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Delphine Dauby, Fablab Manager - Elodie Verlinden, Logisticienne de Recherches

" Production de visières à destination du personnel soignant en collaboration avec le Fablab ULB et le Your Lab. Plans en open source. - Mise en place d'une carte interactive des entreprises oeuvrant dans la lutte contre le covid-19 en collaboration avec le Fablab de Mons et le Fablab Wapi. Objectif de la carte : la mise en valeur des opérateurs économiques. - prototypage de pièces en 3D à la demande des hôpitaux - Prototypage de parois séparatrices en plexi (plan en open source) "
Contact: Fab-C Fablab Charleroi Métropole This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. fablab-charleroi.be faceshield-fabc.be

Denis Terwagne, Professor - Victor Lévy, Professor - Alain Delchambre, Professor - Nicolas De Coster

ULB - Fablab ULB
" A multidisciplinary team at the Fablab ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) has developed and produced different open-source emergency protective solutions against Covid-19 for hospitals and caregivers. Most of these solutions have been developed within the global fablab network using digital fabrication machines (laser cutter, 3D printers,...) and open-source documentation which allowed other fablabs in the world to develop and produced these solutions locally. Face Protective Masks Face Protective Masks have been developed to protect caregivers from aerosol projection. Thanks to a lot of help (other fablabs, architectural offices, students, volunteers,...), we have produced more than 50 000 Protective Face Shields and distributed them in hospitals and to other caregivers. This project was made in collaboration with Fab-C (Charleroi), fablab Yourlab (Andenne) and the Hospital CHU Saint-Pierre in Brussels and supported by the Michel Crémer Foundation. Swabs...

Diane Bernard, Professeure

" Analyses of current decisions and acts, through a "gender prism" ie as regards differences and inequalities on the basis of sex. "
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Didier Serteyn, Professor - Justine Ceusters, CSO RevaTis - Charlotte Sandersen, Professor

ULiège and RevaTis SA (Spin Off)
" The project aims to assess the effects of muscle derived stem cells on a preclinical model of acute respiratory distress syndrome induced by a perfusion of endotoxins. We focused on the modulation of neutrophil excessive activation. RevaTis developped a GMP production of muscle derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and is authorized to produce clinical batches. The IPCLab (Liege University) developed an ARDS model in pigs. We aim to demonstrate a reduction of the ARDS severity, a reduction of the cytokines storm and a modulation of the excessive activation of neutrophils observed in ARDS. "
Funding: Research grants from Ulg (POC) and FNRS (CURE) are pending. RevaTis supplies muscle derived Stem Cells for R&D projects
Publication References: Sci Rep. 2017 Apr 6;7(1):696. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-00803-7. From skeletal muscle to stem cells: an innovative and minimally-invasive process for multiple species. Ceusters J, Lejeune JP, Sandersen C, Niesten A...

Elisabeth Paul, Doctor

" I wrote two pieces, one on the difficulty inherent to the evaluation of effects of Covid-19 counter-measures, and one which argues that the crisis calls for a paradigm shift in global health policies towards systemic, preventive, and holitistic health policies "
Publication References: Paul E, Brown GW, Ridde V. COVID-19: time for paradigm shift in the nexus between local, national and global health. BMJ Global Health 2020;5:e002622. Paul E, Ridde V. Évaluer les effets des différentes mesures de lutte contre le Covid-19, mission impossible ? The Conversation, 5 avril 2020 (https://theconversation.com/evaluer-les-effets-des-differentes-mesures-de-lutte-contre-le-covid-19-mission-impossible-135060)
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Emmanuel Di Valentin, Doctor

ULiège, GIGA
" There is no effective antiviral treatment for SARS-Cov-2 which is responsible for the current pandemic. Research efforts are therefore focused on the rapid development of vaccines and the evaluation of antiviral drugs. Testing the effectiveness of these on virus cultures is laborious and requires a BSL3 environment. In order to be able to evaluate (quickly and in safe conditions) the effectiveness of the various drugs acting against this virus, cells expressing Sars-Cov2 viral enzymes will be generated. In these cells, enzymatic activity would be easily quantifiable using a reporter system. In a first phase of our project, different FDA-approuved drugs will be tested, hoping to identify some that will be effective against viral enzymes. "
Contact: Dr. Emmanuel Di Valentin Platform manager University of LIEGE (ULiege) Giga Viral Vectors Platform Tour GIGA B34 (+4) CHU Avenue Hypocrate 1 B-4000 LIEGE (Sart Tilman) Tel. +32 (0) 4 366 45...

Emmanuel Slautsky, Professor - Julien Pieret, Professor - Daniel Dumont, Professor - Elise Dermine, Professor

" La gestion politique de la crise sanitaire du COVID-19 et de ses conséquences suscite un nombre important de questions juridiques. Quels sont les rôles respectifs de l'État fédéral, des régions et des communautés? Quelle place le droit belge reconnaît-il aux « experts » dans la décision publique? La lutte contre la pandémie est-elle compatible avec nos droits fondamentaux? Quelle est l'incidence de la crise sur la situation des travailleurs en Belgique? Quelles sont les possibilités d'indemnisation par la sécurité sociale pour les personnes ne disposant plus de revenus en raison du confinement? Face à ces questions, le projet de recherche poursuit deux objectifs complémentaires. Premièrement, il entend analyser, sur le plan du droit, les dispositifs mis en place pour gérer la crise du COVID-19 et atténuer ses conséquences socio-économiques. Deuxièmement, il vise à tirer les leçons de cette gestion dans l'urgence en évaluant les forces et les faiblesses des dispositifs déployés et...

Eric Haubruge, Professeur ordinaire

" Development of Methods for Mask and N95 Decontamination (the DeMaND study) and reuse for healthcare workers at the frontline The aim of this study is to identify and test, simple low-cost safe decontamination methods to enable medical masks and N95/ FFP2 respirators reuse in healthcare settings where there are critical shortages. "
Funding: Open Philanthropy
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Eric Haubruge, Professeur ordinaire - Etienne Thiry, Professeur ordinaire - Georges Daube, Professeur ordinaire

"DECONTAMINATION AND REUSE OF SURGICAL MASKS AND FILTERING FACEPIECE RESPIRATORS The global test protocol, presented in this project, aims to assess: a) the effectiveness of several decontamination methods with regard to integrity (""barrier"" function) and the quality of surgical masks and filtering facepiece respirators FFP2/N95; b) the efficacy of these decontamination methods on the inactivation of a coronavirus, similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus present on surgical masks and filtering facepiece respirators FFP2/N95. Moreover, the present project aims to set up a consortium of companies and laboratories to meet the diverse and varied requests for ""reuse"" of various medical protective equipment (masks, filters, clothing, etc.) linked with the environmental approach."
Funding: Walloon Government
Contact: https://www.news.uliege.be/cms/c_11717821/fr/l-uliege-coordonne-le-projet-wallon-de-decontamination-des-masques-chirurgicaux-et-de-protection-respiratoire-ffp2...

Eric Muraille, Docteur en Science, FNRS Senior Research Associate

" During the Covid-19 crisis, I participated in a multidisciplinary research group (biology, medicine, economy) whose objective was to define a deconfinement strategy taking into account public health and economic requirements. We have published several articles for policy makers (VOX-EU), scientists (Nature medicine) and the general public (The Conversation). "
Publication References: Rapidly identifying workers who are immune to COVID-19 and virus-free is a priority for restarting the Economy. Dewatripont, M., Muraille, E., Platteau, J.-P., Goldman, M. VOX-CE, 23 March 2020. https://voxeu.org/article/rapidly-identifying-workers-who-are-immune-covid-19-and-virus-free-priority-restarting-economy Preparing for a responsible lockdown exit strategy. Gilbert, M., Dewatripont, M., Muraille, E., Platteau, J.-P., Goldman, M. Nature Médicine, 2020. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0871-y Covid-19 : comment une stratégie de doubles tests permettrait de sortir du...

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