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Alain Bosseloir, COO

" Development of specific IVD products to detect the patient serology due to the infection with SARS-COV2 Developement based on ISO13485, Directives 98/79/EC standards. Different technologies approched : ELISA, RT-PCR, lateral flow "
Contact: Alain Bosseloir COO ZenTech sa Liege Science Park Avenue du Pré Aily 10 4031 Angleur

Alain Vigneron, Founder & Scientific advisor - Benoît Autem, CEO - Nicolas Bodart, R&D Director - Bernard Noirhomme, Business development Manager

D-tek s.a
" "Multiplex Immuno-Dot technology for COVID-19 serological investigation The Multiplex serological technology, developed since 1995 in D-tek (www.d-tek.be), is dedicated to the profiling of the human antibody response to different immunogens, in a single test. It has various applications in laboratory diagnostics, as well as medical and pharmaceutical research (companion-diagnostics). The technology finds an obvious application for the COVID-19 serological investigation, as the antibody response to the SARS-CoV-2 infection is known to be complex, with multi-epitope targeting, and needs to be better understood. In a typical test (ongoing development), various recombinant SARS-CoV-2 antigens are coated on a membrane strip at different spot positions. The assay is designed to map, in one single test, any patient antibody recognizing any of these protein structures. The test procedure is a classical enzyme immunoassay that can be processed from 10µl of patient's serum or...

Alexandre Di Paolo, Business Development Manager

Xpress Biologics
" Xpress Biologics, a Belgian based CDMO, has several strategies to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic which includes: - The development of a serology assay to detect Covid-19 seroconversion in humans based on the manufacturing of 3 specific COVID-19 antigens ( full-length Spike protein, S1 subunit, RBD domain) using Pichia pastoris as expression system - Plasmid DNA manufacturing expertise for the development of anti-COVID DNA vaccines - Recombinant protein or antibody fragments manufacturing expertise for diagnostic and treatment of COVID-19 Xpress Biologics has adapted technological platforms that are available to meet the COVID-19 pandemic challenge. In particular our Molecular Biology solution can rapidly help us develop microbial strains for robust and efficient expression of several type of biologics such as viral antigens, neutralizing antibody fragments and DNA vaccines while through our Upstream Process platform we can rapidly engineer industrial processes for...

Alexandre Le Vert, Executive Chairman and Cofounder

" OSIVAX is using its proven vaccination approach in Influenza (OVX836 currently in phase 2a clinical trial) to develop a broadly protective coronavirus vaccine triggering CD8 T-cell responses against the Nucleocapsid. This approach is based on evidence that CD8 T-cell responses against Nucleocapsid are protective in animals and humans. OSIVAX is currently down-selecting Nucleocapsid sequences with the aim to produce first lab-scale batches in the coming weeks. "
Funding: OSIVAX is currently seeking funding from European institutions supporting the development of vaccines against COVID-19.
Contact: Alexandre Le VERT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alfred Attipoe, CEO

Comunicare Solutions
" Comunicare Solutions is a health technology startup, specializing in patient empowerment, self-management and digital therapy. In the context of Covid-19 sanitary crisis, we proposed our solution for the remote support to chronic patients, especially the most at risk patients who suffered from chronic systemic diseases of respiratory origin, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart disease like heart failure or complex hypertension. The application enables caregivers to inform those patients about additional precautions, to screen patients reported outcomes but also to keep in touch with them via video consultation"
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bernard Noirhomme, Business Developer

Alphadia s.a.

" PCR test to segment Covid-19 patients "  and " qRT-PCR to segment Covid patients Cytokines storm "
Funding: No funding requested
Contact: Bernard Noirhomme BDM & Administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +32 471 55 62 24

Cedric Szpirer, Executive & Scientific Director

Delphi Genetics SA
" The aim of the project is to develop an antiviral gene therapy specifically targeting Covid-19. The benefits should be (i) targeting precisely the virus directly in lung cells allowing limitation of virus development from the starting point, (ii) restoring essential functions of the patient's cells and (iii) antibodies production by the patient due to reduction of viral load but not immediate clearance. In addition, the therapy could also be used preventively for people who come into regular contact with affected patients. The therapy is a gene therapy using AAV for patient administration. Delphi Genetics is developing and producing the plasmids required for targeting the virus and production of AAV. "
Contact: Cedric Szpirer Delphi Genetics SA 071 25 10 00

Christophe Severs, Senior VP Strategy

Keyrus Life Science
" In the context of the exit of the Covid-19 crisis, we have been thoughtfully working for the last two months on a unique solution that leverages the complementary forces of a set of companies and individuals, from the corporate, academic and scientific communities. Our consortium is the fruit of a national alliance of companies that are joining forces to offer the citizens, the government, the health authorities and the scientific communities the means to make informed decisions in managing the exit phase of the Covid-19 crisis. Our solution addresses, in a fully anonymized fashion, the full scope of stakeholders active on the front of fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic by means of an applicative ecosystem relying on Artificial Intelligence and a mobile application to track the virus and prevent new outbreaks. "
Publication References: N/A
Contact: Keyrus Life Science Drève Richelle 161, Bât L, 1410, Waterloo Phone: +32 2 627 51 30

Claude Dedry, CEO

" SalamanderU and Solidfog Technologies are two companies with expertise in innovative customised containment solutions and industrial biotechnology operations, and the second specialises in airborne surface decontamination systems (hydrogen peroxide - H2O2 nebulisation). They have collaborated to provide a simple and robust operational solution for the decontamination of FFP2 masks in large quantities and to be installed directly within the hospital environment. The solution consists of a "CleanBubble®" containment chamber, which can be assembled in less than half an hour, consisting of a flexible envelope attached to an aluminium structure, a vacuum unit equipped with a HEPA filter and a "DosyMist®" decontamination unit that generates an H2O2 mist. This containment chamber is also equipped with the digital "SmartReg®" solution which vocally controls the operators during disinfection and automatically generates a decontamination report. The solution allows to disinfect...

Damien BERTRAND, Business Development Officer

" Research projects : contributions to research projects with academics and hospital representatives (-omics data investigations, biomarkers and multi-marker indicators, stratification of populations, predictive models for diagnosis/prognosis, ... Development / production capabilities: internal processes and quality system compatible with ISO.13485 (medical devices). Skills and expertise: data sciences, machine learning and other technologies from artificial intelligence; statistics, bio-IT; model encapsulation into software, mobile apps or web platforms "
Funding: Prestations sub-contracted by lead researchers, or partnerships through regional/EU projects with public funding.
Publication References: Complete list on www.dnalytics.com/publications/ 
Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Denis GOSSEN, CSO, co-founder

" Experts in the early development of drugs and medical devices up to clinical proof-of-concept (from preclinical to Phase 2). Via its network of partners, Aepodia facilitates access to patients and to validated clinical centres throughout Europe. With offices in Belgium and France, Aepodia is a recognized partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2007. "
Contact: www.aepodia.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Didier Allaer, CEO

Diagenode SA
" CE marked of Covid assay by RT-QPCR "
Contact: didier. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frédéric de Meulemeester, Technical Director

AMB Ecosteryl
" AMB Ecosteryl (Mons), specialized in the treatment and sterilization of medical waste, has adapted its technology to develop a machine that decontaminates these masks (and therefore reuse them afterwards). This machine, named "M-steryl", allows, thanks to dry heat, to decontaminate 1.400 masks per day. This machine can easily be installed in hospitals, allowing staff to decontaminate their equipment individually. It requires only a power outlet and is easy to use. Each mask can be decontaminated three times, allowing for greater autonomy in terms of supply and lower costs. "
Contact: http://ecosteryl.com

Hugues Bultot, CEO

" The current COVID19 pandemic has imposed in a few months a global burden on humanity. A vaccine is urgently needed to protect people, communities, healthcare systems, and economies. In this context, Univercells joined forces with Reithera and Leukocare to develop and manufacture a novel adenovirus-based vaccine against COVID19. This vaccine candidate is expected to enter in clinical trials during summer 2020 and production to start soon after. Capitalizing on the bioproduction technologies of its newly created subsidiary Univercells Technologies, Univercells will produce at large-scale the vaccine candidate in Jumet. This site with 15,000 m² GMP capabilities offers the capacity to be ready for rapid response programs. Approximately 6 million doses are expected to be available in early 2021. The intention with these doses will be to vaccinate the most exposed people such as medical and healthcare professionals and highly vulnerable individuals. "
Publication References...

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