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Julien Guiot, MD PhD

ULiège, CHU
" We are facing a COVID-19 infection pandemic. This pathogenic virus is a source of pulmonary complications greatly aggravating the prognosis of our patients. Today, both the pathophysiological mechanisms involved and the predictive markers of the severity of the disease remain unclear. It therefore seems urgent to be able to identify prognostic and diagnostic markers for our patients on the one hand. In this context, several paths that can quickly be explored appear to us to be critical. This is why we are planning the evaluation of the neutrophilic activation pathway by studying the Exosomes and circulating nucleosomes containing neutrophilic activation markers. This tool would make it possible to identify people at risk of clinical deterioration but also to approach the pathophysiological mechanisms involved. "
Funding: Fonds Léon Fredericq
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