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Julien Tiete, Dr

Hôpital Erasme - ULB
" Background: In the Covid-19 pandemic context, all healthcare teams face clinical, organizational and technical challenges given the contagion, severity and mortality characteristics of the disease. Methods: A cross-sectional multicentric study (NCT04344145) aiming to compare levels of burnout, emotional distress and needs between frontline Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 healthcare workers has been conducted between April 16th and May 25th. Physicians, nurses and physiotherapists were recruited from emergency care units and Covid-19 care units (target group) and from non-Covid-19 care units (control group) from Erasme Hospital, Jolimont-Lobbes Hospital and Mons-Warquignies Hospital (N = 603). Participants completed self-reported questionnaires and scales. A mixed-mode data collection was carried out, either in paper form or web-based form. Assessment provided socio-demographic characteristics and professional information. It also measured professional fulfillment and burnout with the Stanford Professional Fulfillment Index (PFI), emotional distress with the Depression, Anxiety and Distress Scale-Short Form (DASS-21), sleep disturbance with the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) and needs with the Needs and Difficulties Inventory (developed for the study). Data treatment has to be performed. Hypothesis: This study is based on the hypothesis that higher levels of burnout, depression, anxiety and stress will be found in frontline Covid-19 healthcare workers than in non-Covid-19 healthcare workers. Considering the unprecedented challenges for healthcare workers and organizations, and considering the exploratory nature of the study, no hypothesis is made for the needs of the healthcare workers. "
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