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A. Bengoetxea - P. D'Ans - J. Foucart - M. Schetgen - A. Spinewinne - L. Di Biagi - F. Defraine - M. Karam - J. Mellier - Q. Vanderhofstadt

ULB, UCLouvain, Université de Montréal
" OBJ: 1) Observe interprofessional and interorganisational collaboration "in the making" in crisis situation: how professional groups organize and collaborate (within and between professional groups) in different organizational contexts (liberal practice, primary care delivery services, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) especially for vulnerable groups. 2) Analyse the role of regulatory bodies governmental agencies, professional associations) in managing healthcare professions and interprofessional collaboration in crisis situations 3)Improving future care and the resilience of health systems METH: Collection and analysis of documents (instructions, tools, etc.), qualitative interviews, in situ observations. Developing Grounded theory "
Funding: Research team is part of BeHive - Interdisciplinary primary care Chair, funded by the King Baudouin Foundation (Fund Dr. Daniel De Coninck)
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Amélie Wuillaume

" Disaster events threaten our lives and economies. This paper focuses on the response of individuals and ventures to Covid-19 as an unexpected pandemic. Serious concerns about potential negative externalities are therefore making the front page of the newspapers every day: slowdown in activity, liquidity and solvency problems and bankruptcy. These risks exist. However, in addition to value destruction, such kind of unexpected event might also trigger value creation. In this study, we explore individuals and ventures' development of spontaneous initiatives as a response to Covid-19. Our findings suggest that the conditions of Covid-19 prompted individuals and ventures to show resilience. They adapt and develop initiatives able to create value from adversity. Our study identifies differences in the (a) magnitude, (b) timeline, and (c) kind of value that is created. It also describes specific activities allowing the quick response of these initiatives. Theoretical and...

Benoit Kohl, Full Professor

" Study of the legal consequences of Covid 19 on the execution of construction contracts in Belgium "
Publication References: B. KOHL, "L'épidémie de Covid-19 et l'exécution des marchés de construction", Journal des Tribunaux, Brussels, Larcier, 2020, pp. 361-371
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Caroline Daelemans, Professor

"Our objectives are: • To study maternal and neonate COVID-19 information in the Belgian-Obstetric Surveillance System database: clinical presentation and natural history of disease, pregnancy-related basic information, pregnancy outcomes, birth characteristics, infant morbidity and mortality. • To study the core socio-demographic information to potentially identify groups at higher risk of complications • Build a more informative dataset thanks to data mining of public databases This study will enable us to understand the impact of COVID-19 on pregnant women and their offspring in Belgium, and in the world via the contribution to the INOSS multicenter study. It might allow us to define an at-risk population among pregnant women and their offspring, and tailor epidemiologic and clinical interventions for these more vulnerable individuals."
Funding: Pending (FNRS)
Publication References: "1. The International Network of Obstetric Survey Systems study of uterine rupture: a...

Caroline Daelemans, Professor

" COVerT Our aim is to delineate more accurately the prevalence of the infection in the pregnant population and study vertical transmission in the cord blood of babies born to mothers with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. Determination of prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in mothers by combined universal screening: presence of antibodies (IgG and IgM or IgA) in their blood and/or a positive RT-PCR in the nasopharyngeal swab. We intend to detect evidence of vertical transmission by the identification of SARS-CoV-2 specific IgM or IgA in cord blood samples. If there is evidence of vertical transmission, the analysis of the consequences depending on infection timing during pregnancy will enable us to guide management more precisely. "
Funding: pending FNRS
Publication References: "1. Delforge ML, Costa E, Brancart F, Goldman D, Montesinos I, Zaytouni S, Marchant A, Donner C Presence of cytomegalovirus in urine and blood of pregnant women with primary infection might be associated...

Cecilia Rizcallah, Doctor

" My research focuses on the protection of the rule of law in the EU. I am notably analysing the tools at the disposal of the EU to fight against the rule of law backsliding currently at work in several Member States. The Coronavirus crisis has amplified the challenges in that regard : several states have been using the fight against the epidemic as an excuse to restrain the guarantees flowing from the rule of law. I will tackle this issue in my research. "
Funding: F.R.S.-FNRS
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Clément Fontan, Professor

" Central banking, macroeconomic answer to the crisis, Financial ethics, Green Deal "
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Delphine Dauby, Fablab Manager - Elodie Verlinden, Logisticienne de Recherches

" Production de visières à destination du personnel soignant en collaboration avec le Fablab ULB et le Your Lab. Plans en open source. - Mise en place d'une carte interactive des entreprises oeuvrant dans la lutte contre le covid-19 en collaboration avec le Fablab de Mons et le Fablab Wapi. Objectif de la carte : la mise en valeur des opérateurs économiques. - prototypage de pièces en 3D à la demande des hôpitaux - Prototypage de parois séparatrices en plexi (plan en open source) "
Contact: Fab-C Fablab Charleroi Métropole This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. fablab-charleroi.be faceshield-fabc.be

Emmanuel Slautsky, Professor - Julien Pieret, Professor - Daniel Dumont, Professor - Elise Dermine, Professor

" La gestion politique de la crise sanitaire du COVID-19 et de ses conséquences suscite un nombre important de questions juridiques. Quels sont les rôles respectifs de l'État fédéral, des régions et des communautés? Quelle place le droit belge reconnaît-il aux « experts » dans la décision publique? La lutte contre la pandémie est-elle compatible avec nos droits fondamentaux? Quelle est l'incidence de la crise sur la situation des travailleurs en Belgique? Quelles sont les possibilités d'indemnisation par la sécurité sociale pour les personnes ne disposant plus de revenus en raison du confinement? Face à ces questions, le projet de recherche poursuit deux objectifs complémentaires. Premièrement, il entend analyser, sur le plan du droit, les dispositifs mis en place pour gérer la crise du COVID-19 et atténuer ses conséquences socio-économiques. Deuxièmement, il vise à tirer les leçons de cette gestion dans l'urgence en évaluant les forces et les faiblesses des dispositifs déployés et...

Eric Haubruge, Professeur ordinaire

" Development of Methods for Mask and N95 Decontamination (the DeMaND study) and reuse for healthcare workers at the frontline The aim of this study is to identify and test, simple low-cost safe decontamination methods to enable medical masks and N95/ FFP2 respirators reuse in healthcare settings where there are critical shortages. "
Funding: Open Philanthropy
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Eric Haubruge, Professeur ordinaire - Etienne Thiry, Professeur ordinaire - Georges Daube, Professeur ordinaire

"DECONTAMINATION AND REUSE OF SURGICAL MASKS AND FILTERING FACEPIECE RESPIRATORS The global test protocol, presented in this project, aims to assess: a) the effectiveness of several decontamination methods with regard to integrity (""barrier"" function) and the quality of surgical masks and filtering facepiece respirators FFP2/N95; b) the efficacy of these decontamination methods on the inactivation of a coronavirus, similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus present on surgical masks and filtering facepiece respirators FFP2/N95. Moreover, the present project aims to set up a consortium of companies and laboratories to meet the diverse and varied requests for ""reuse"" of various medical protective equipment (masks, filters, clothing, etc.) linked with the environmental approach."
Funding: Walloon Government
Contact: https://www.news.uliege.be/cms/c_11717821/fr/l-uliege-coordonne-le-projet-wallon-de-decontamination-des-masques-chirurgicaux-et-de-protection-respiratoire-ffp2...

Frédéric Bouhon, Professor - Andy Jousten, PhD candidate - Xavier Miny, PhD candidate - Emmanuel Slautsky, Professor

ULiège et ULB 
" Belgium, like a large part of the world, is affected by the pandemic of the infectious disease called Covid-19, which is due to the spread of a coronavirus. In this extraordinary context, strong measures have been taken by the different authorities that make up the Belgian federal structure. This "Courrier hebdomadaire" intends to provide some initial legal observations on the way the Belgian State, with its institutional specificities, has begun to react to this extraordinary situation. It covers the period from 12 March to 30 March, during which Belgium gradually saw the establishment of an unprecedented peacetime emergency regime. The contribution is based on four observations. Firstly, the Belgian State has taken strong measures that meet its legal obligation to react to a risk to life of the Belgian citizens. Secondly, providing a centralised response to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic is, in Belgium, complicated because of the existing division...

Georges Hübner, Professor

" Research Paper and associated expertise regarding the setup of a private equity fund aimed at collecting and pooling households' savings in order to restore the solvency of companies hit by the Covid-19 crisis through the subscription of preferred shares "
Publication References: Hübner, G. (2020), "Efficient Resource Allocation in the Context of the Coronavirus Crisis: Towards a Private Equity Fund Financed by Collective Savings", Revue Bancaire et Financière, Online edition 2020/4, 13 p.
Contact: https://www.financialforum.be/fr/articles/efficient-resource-allocation-context-coronavirus-crisis-towards-private-equity-fund

Glenn Magerman, Professor - Mathias Dewatripont, Professor - Bram De Rock, Professor

" Learning from the curve is a voluntary and open source research project on COVID-19 and economics. It is a joint initiative of researchers in economics at ECARES, Solvay, ULB. Our mission is to provide detailed and real-time information and visualizations on COVID-19 and economics for the general public and the press, to serve as a platform for research collaboration on these topics, to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the economic tissue of countries and regions, to provide policy recommendations based on scientific arguments supported by data analytics. Learning from the curve started as a voluntary effort of faculty and students in empirical economics at ECARES. We are also very grateful for funding from the Special COVID-19 ULB grant. None of this would be possible without either. We call data from various sources, which are referenced in the respective dashboards and articles. We provide data sources and code on our Github organization. All publicly available data, code...

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