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Sophie Thunus, Professor

UCLouvain, IRSS 
" How the Covid-19 Pandemic changes the dynamics of meetings and organizations in the Health and Education Sectors? The containment measures deployed following the Covid-19 pandemic produced a partial, if not complete, shift to telework. In many sectors, virtual meetings are now at the heart of work organization and coordination. How do people feel about their virtual meetings? And what do virtual meetings say about our organizations ? To find an answer to these questions, we have distributed a survey within six Belgian universities (University Ghent, University Hasselt, VUB, UCLouvain, ULiège and ULB) and health care services and administrations. "
Funding: none
Publication References: https://www.lecho.be/opinions/carte-blanche/que-penser-des-reunions-virtuelles-qui-se-generalisent/10223471 https://uclouvain.be/fr/decouvrir/coronavirus-que-nous-apprend-la-pratique-des-reunions-virtuelles.html
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Comment: "Virtual Meetings in the Health and Education Sectors". This research has been launched by: Sophie Thunus, Institut de recherche santé et société, UCLouvain ; Frédéric Schoenaers, Centre de recherche et d'interventions sociologiques, ULiège ; Céline Mahieu, École de santé publique, ULB ; Willem Standaert, HEC Liège, ULiège.

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Brussels & Wallonia against COVID19