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Bruno Dumas, Professor

" Expertise in information visualisation, i.e. the human side of the data science chain: how to explore data visually, how to create meaningful and efficient interactive visual data exploration tools, how to communicate data visually. "
Publication References: 3 most recent ones: -Duhoux, B., Mens, K. and Dumas, B., 2019, July. Implementation of a Feature-Based Context-Oriented Programming Language. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Context-oriented Programming (pp. 9-16). - Bibal, A., Dumas, B. and Frénay, B., 2019, January. User-Based Experiment Guidelines for Measuring Interpretability in Machine Learning. In EGC Workshop on Advances in Interpretable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. - Clarinval, A., Linden, I., Wallemacq, A. and Dumas, B., 2018, August. Evoq: a Visualization Tool to Support Structural Analysis of Text Documents. In Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2018 (pp. 1-10).
Contact: Bruno Dumas Namur Digital Institute - University of Namur Rue Grandgagnage 21 5000 Namur - Belgium This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Brussels & Wallonia against COVID19