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Jean-Noël Missa, Professor, FNRS Research Director

ULB - FNRS - Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium
" The "Data against Corona task force" aim is to analyze data on the spread of the virus, making use of telecom- and epidemiological data. Based on this information the task force's goal is to: Take action in containing the rising number of infections, leveling the peak amount, and thus limiting the number of patients in hospital at the same time; Take measures to lower the infection curve; Provide a detailed assessment of the measures taken to contain the contagion. The role of the Ethics committee is to review the output of the "Data Against Corona" taskforce and to provide an ethical advice to the Steering Committee. The committee will highlight potential ethical conflicts arising from decisions taken based on the collection and analysis of the telecom and health data, such as : - Is the collection of information aligned with the concept of data protection ? - Are there potential & actual biases in the analyses ? - What are the (negative) consequences of a certain decision suggested by the data ? -... The Ethical Committee reviews the analyses before they are discussed in steering committee, and provides an advice. The steering committee can also submit specific questions to the Ethical committee. The Ethical Committee is appointed by the Belgian Minister of Health and the Belgian Minister of Telecom & Privacy, which will be the sole recipients of the recommendations of the Ethical Committee (via the Steering Committee) and will be the final decision makers. "
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Comment: The task force guarantees not to cross the line with regard to citizens' privacy. The data is well protected, stating that it is impossible to link back to individuals. A citizen's identity is and will remain completely anonymous and secure.

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