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Stéphanie Roosa, Program Leader Biotechnology - Thomas Godfroid, Scientific Leader Plasma Technology - Marie-Eve Druart, Scientific Leader Wet Coatings

Materia Nova
" Based on its expertise on surface treatments and biotechnology, Materia Nova is actively working on the development of decontamination process or anti-viral surface treatments. On the one one hand, plasma technology can be used to decontaminate surfaces or fabric, like sanitary masks. Beyond masks, this technique can be used for the sterilization of medical parts (respirator tubing, surgical instruments...) even sensitive to temperature. The technology can be declined in the form of a small system that could also be useful in structures other than hospitals such as nursing homes, shops... On the other hand, the knowledge of Materia Nova in wet and dry functional coatings dedicated to various properties and applications (transport, health, energy,…) helps to investigate the anti-viral surface treatment. Due to this large panel of technologies (plasma deposition, sol-gel, organic coating or electrodeposition), the coatings or the combination of coatings can be applied on different types of substrates (metal, polymer, natural materials,…) available in hospitals, public places,… Some of the solutions developed by Materia Nova already focused on anti-dirt, anti-microbial and decontamination surfaces. Based on these developments and in the current context of the COVID-19, the development of virucidal active layer appears to have growing interest. The first step of the development is to select and integrate the most appropriate and adapted antiviral molecules (potentially bio inspired) in coatings. The second steps is to check the durability of the anti-viral properties For this, embedding of the molecules in matrix by sol-gel or plasma process can be a solution to maintain the active properties of the layer. A smart virucidal coating able to decontaminate the surface on the demands is also something that we have in mind. Also, the use of stimuli (as photo, potential,…) to activate the virucidal action could be really interesting to diminish the cleaning step of the potential contaminated surface. The advantage of plasma, sol-gel or organic coatings is the fast treatment and the environmental-friendly aspect of the technologies. Moreover, these technologies allow a mobile device to treat pre-existing surfaces, as, for example, the treatment of metallic or textile surfaces in public places. These developments are driven by a characterisation platform allowing to analyse the surface as long as the anti viral effect. The procedures followed are mostly based on guidelines and are adapted to become tailor-made techniques. Among others, the platform includes anti-microbial testing, covid detection by qPCR, sequencing and biomolecular tools, scanning electron microscopy and different plasma devices. Skills and expertise of Materia Nova : Anti microbial testing Anti viral surface treatment Anti viral testing with non pathogenic viruses Biomolecular tools: qPCR, sequencer Decontamination by plasma, sol-gel and organic coatings "
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