Jean-Marchal, Professeur Emeritus

ULiège - Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium
" "The skills in the field of transport-mobility concern the following elements: - general strategy for developing a integrated mobility plan - design of an integral mobility plan - demand analysis - supply analysis - attractiveness-competitiveness analysis - transport modeling - transport and technology - transport and environment - - transport Chain – logistics (SCM) - choice of investments from a business point of view and from a community perspective the skil see before" "
Funding: retired : no more research fundings expertises for international organizations (world bank, FAO...) and governments
Publication References: see "Orby and OPen Acess" in the website of University of Liège
Contact: see before
Comment: The skills and expertises define herewith are the only ones concerned with COVID-19.

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