Isabelle Lambotte, Psychologist, PhD - Mouna Al Husni, Doctor - Sandrine Deplus, Psychologist, PhD - Simone Marchini, Doctor- Joana Reis, Doctor - Anthony Deleeuw, Doctor - Véronique Delvenne, Professor

ULB Huderf
" Children's mental health in Belgium during the Covid19 crisis. Study of the child psychiatry department of the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital (Huderf, ULB). Background: In the covid19 pandemic context, physical health has taken the precedence over mental health while it is documented that, in case of natural disaster, depression symptoms, substance abuse, post-traumatic symptoms and domestic violence increase into the general population (e.g., Bland, O'Leary, Farinaro et al., 1996). The security measures to protect the population against covid19 contamination have changed our everyday life: physical distance or "social distance" modifies social relationships (Yip & Chau, 2020). The effect of these measures on children and adults can still not be estimated. Indeed, the anxious climate, maintained among other things by the media, has also a serious impact on the general population's mental health. In Belgium, a first study has showed that, in the beginning of the sanitary containment, a significant psychological distress appears in adolescents and adults (Lorant et Van den Broeck, en cours). It is also recognized that parental anxiety influences the child's (e.g., Burstein, Ginsburg, G.S. & Tein, J., 2010). However, there is still no study that investigate the covid19 crisis' psychological effect on children and adolescents. In this context, we decide to realize a prospective study about the children's mental health in Belgium during the lifting of the containment of the Covid19 crisis. Methodology: Prospective quantitative clinical approach to children aged 8 to 17. We will study the emotional and psychopathological functioning in relation to anamnestic and specific data to the situation of Covid 19. The data are collected from the child and the parent using quantitative tools (DASS, CBCL, MDI-C).   "
Funding: Kids Care
Publication References: Bland, S.H., O'Leary, E.S., Farinaro, E., Jossa, F., Trevisan, M. (1996). Long-Term Psychological Effects of Natural Disasters. Psychosomatic Medicine, 58, 18-24 Burstein, M., Ginsburg, G.S. & Tein, J. (2010). Parental Anxiety and Child Symptomatology: An Examination of Additive and Interactive Effects of Parent Psychopathology. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 38, 897–909. doi: 10.1007/s10802-010-9415-0 Lorant, V. & Van den Broeck, K. (en cours). Etude Covid et moi. Institut de Recherche Santé et Société (IRSS), UCLouvain et Université d'Anvers. Yip, P. S. F., & Chau, P. H. (2020). Physical distancing and emotional closeness amidst COVID-19 Crisis. The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, online, doi:
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